The American Legal Exchange Counsel published a paper written by Linda Jeffrey which exposed The Kinsey Institute as the danger that it has been to our country.


The Kinsey Institute Exposed: A Warning to Parents and Governments.  Esther White shares her personal story of being molested by her father who was paid by Kinsey for his statistics he kept of her.  


The Sex Industrial Complex.  A brief look at the sex empire that Kinsey, Rockfellers and the CIA built.

Scientific Authority for Schooling on Sex



For decades we operated under Common Law.  Once Kinsey's fraudulent books were published, he, along with the Rockefeller Foundation and the CIA, worked to move America's judicial system to the American Legal Institute-Model Penal Code.  By so doing, many laws protecting women and children were drastically changed for the worse. 

Common Law vs Model Penal Code



Kinsey's infamous Table 34 on page 180 of Sexual Behavior in the Human Male.


Kinsey's infamous Table 34