What We Believe

We believe the responsibility of teaching morals and values to children are that of parents and caregivers and NOT a government institution.

We believe that the family is the vital component of our society.

We believe, unfortunately, our children are increasingly influenced by programs designed to separate their beliefs from what is taught in their home and toward a progressive understanding for the sake of social justice.  We work to bring awareness of and stop the conditioning/grooming of vulnerable children from all programs and Social Emotional Learning (Marxist thought reform education).  We also stand up against the overwhelming leverage of the teachers' unions have over policies and procedures in the schools.  We believe transparency along with accountability is crucial in providing all children exceptional academics.  

The American Dream is under attack and our children are being used as pawns by a system that no longer puts their best interest first.  We need everyone to fight back in order to defend parental rights, innocent children and liberty.  We consider our mission to be the civil rights issue of our time.

Please join us, our children and freedom are counting on it!