SIECUS was founded by Communists and Humanists determined to destroy the moral fabric of America.





The SIECUS connections infiltrated every facet of American society from the church to publishing companies to the pornography industry to the medical and physchological fields to the abortion industry.  Every fiber of American society was infected with their sexual perversions.

SIECUE Circle Connections



Members of SIECUS discuss ways in which "sex ed sparks social change and the beautiful ways that porn was invented to be this fantastical, wildly unrealistic tool we can use to explore our emotions and our bodies in ways that aren't represented in main stream media". 

It's important to note that SIECUS was set up at the Kinsey Institute to be the sex ed arm of the institute to push this grooming agenda into our classrooms across our state and globe.  

Hugh Hefner read Kinsey's books and decided to become Kinsey's pamphleteer; thereby, establishing Playboy magazine which then provided the seed money for SIECUS to a former medical director of Planned Parenthood, Mary Calderone.  

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