Fed up with the ideology your school is pushing on your child and community? This is happening because the state of Indiana aligned with CASEL and sold your child’s education to Radicals! Parents across the state are waking up to the abuse perpetrated by a system that claims to care about them. Below is Purple for Parents Indiana Official Statement.

Parents across the state are informing us that when they notify their school district to opt their children out of Social Emotional Learning, the administration is requesting a meeting to discuss why. First of all, it is none of their business & you do not owe them anything. Did they ask you if it was alright to place your child in a program that is created to influence your child’s beliefs, mindset, attitude, and worldview? Did they ask you if it was okay to collect mental health data on your children? Did they ask you what ideology you want them to influence your children with? Since they are dividing people into groups of oppressed and oppressors, did they ask you where your child should be? Or did they just assume based on their race, sex, orientation, religion, etc.? America thankfully outlawed discrimination in 1964 with the Civil Rights Act and it is not acceptable in any form for the Indiana Department of Education to engage in such a horrific concept.

While Purple for Parents of Indiana suggests denying a conversation that will inevitably force you to defend your right to parent, we are providing the following list of SEL aspects that may contradict the beliefs, mindset, attitude, and worldview you seek to instill in your children.

Works through a collaboration of the public education system, mental health providers, and local businesses to create a system that intervenes in the social and emotional health of minors, that is a parent/caregiver’s job. 

SEL programs and competencies come from the Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL). CASEL is funded by and partnered with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, New Profit, NoVo Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Raikes Foundation, Pure Edge Inc, Stuart Foundation, Susan Crown Exchange, and The Wallace Foundation. All of the partners and funders are extremely biased and center their missions around the idea that America is systemically racist. These companies do not represent policies that will advance the common good of our society. It is egregious for a public school system to use any program that undermines American values. 

The definition of Social Emotional Learning is fluid. In December of 2020, CASEL expanded the definition to include an emphasis on changing (what they see as) the systemic “deep-seated inequities in the education system”. Therefore Social Emotional Learning, being ill-defined, should be immediately removed from influencing children. Experimenting with a program that depends on the belief system of the people in charge will inevitably create insurmountable complications. There is no reasonable way a parent could decipher which days (if any) would align with their beliefs. 

SEL uses resources that promote & use Critical Race Theory, 1619 Project, Black Lives Matter (Marxist organization), Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity/Expression, Climate Change, Social Justice, Restorative Justice Practice, Police Violence, Socialism and many more ideological issues. 

SEL collects a massive amount of mental health data from surveys and questionnaires. This psychological manipulation of children is unacceptable & appalling. 

SEL started in many schools through grants like the Lilly Endowment Inc. from a Pharmaceutical Company that has billions to profit off of social & behavioral contagion. 

Social Emotional Learning is a mind-controlling program that seeks to influence a generation of children by radical ideology. This is not the role of a government institution. Parents must demand the protection of parental rights & influence in order to preserve American liberty. If you are meeting with administrators to explain your opposition we highly recommend that you do not go alone. A common tactic we have encountered is the isolation of individuals through one on one meetings in order to break down parental argument.

Make no mistake, they have been well trained on how to handle concerned parents.